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Lisa Perry - Global Brand Marketer

Strategic Solutions
Market Transformation

Is your business facing declining sales, increased competition, or shifting market dynamics? Don't let these challenges hold you back. I specialize in transforming brands and reigniting growth.

Through strategic analysis, innovative brand strategies, and integrated marketing campaigns, I help companies:

  • Reverse declining sales trends

  • Outmaneuver competitors

  • Adapt to market shifts

  • Connect with changing consumer behaviors

My process builds brands consumers love, delivering:

• Double-digit growth

• Increased market awareness
• Lasting brand leadership

Let's transform your market presence and achieve your business goals together.

Meet Lisa Perry
Global Brand Marketer

With over two decades of experience in global brand marketing, I've been the go-to expert for companies facing critical market challenges. My career has been defined by creating "first-ever" moments that propel brands to new heights.

My expertise spans:
• Fortune 100 companies: Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Brands, Activision
• Emerging growth startups
• Diverse industries: Food & Beverage, Gaming, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Education, Cannabis

What sets my approach apart:

  1. Innovation Growth Platforms: I identify unique opportunities to expand market reach and revenue streams.

  2. Competitive Edge Strategies: I develop tactics to outpace rivals and secure market leadership.

  3. Transformative Marketing Campaigns: I create integrated campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive measurable results.

  4. Strategic Partnerships: I forge alliances that amplify brand presence and open new channels for growth.

My work goes beyond traditional marketing - I'm committed to creating lasting brand transformations and pioneering market firsts. Whether you're looking to revitalize your brand, enter new markets, or overcome specific challenges, I offer tailored solutions that deliver tangible results.

As the author of "How to Develop a Brand Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide," I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering others to build strong, resilient brands.

Let's collaborate to turn your market challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Lisa Perry - Global Brand Marketing Executive

What I Offer

Analysis & Insights

Product Innovation

Partnership Collaboration & Management


Let me help your business achieve market transformation. Schedule a consultation today.

“Lisa is a brand thought leader. That’s why we called her to help us on our flagship brand collaboration initiative. She promptly helped to refine our strategy, develop a brand partner prospect list and attract a few well-known brands into collaboration discussions. We needed the jumpstart that Lisa provided and highly recommend her for brand-centric initiatives.”

Jeff Werderman

Director of Marketing


“Lisa did an amazing job analyzing the market for our apps and making insightful and effective recommendations on how to develop and engage our audience. Lisa is easy to work with and listened and responded to our specific needs. She recognized the challenges and came up with numerous creative and cost effective ways to increase users, and always with ROI in mind.”

Paul Joffe


Kid Awesome

“Lisa is an excellent brand marketer where she excels at developing brand strategy through to execution of the marketing plans. Lisa's ability to manage the complexity and challenges of product launches simultaneously makes her an invaluable leader.”

Randy Shoemaker

CMO, Eastern Standard Provisions

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