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Free Resources

I'm on a mission to help empower your brand, company, andd organization by providing a collection of free resources to make it easier for you to elevate your branding and marketing initiatives. Explore a wealth of templates, guides, and how-to materials crafted to offer practical insights and actionable strategies. Whether you're shaping your brand identity, honing marketing campaigns, or seeking valuable guides for strategic decision-making, these free resources are tailored to meet your diverse needs. 

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT analysis is a framework to evaluate a company's competitive position, to develop strategic planning.

Positioning Framework


Approach to positioning your brand in the minds of your customers.

Brand Value List

600 Examples

Brand values are the key principles guiding how a company operates.

Value Proposition

Canvas Template

 Ensures that a product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs. 

PESTLE Analysis Template

A PESTLE analysis tool is used to gain a macro picture of an industry environment.

TOWS Analysis Template

A TOWS Analysis is a way of taking a SWOT Analysis further to provide actionable links between the different parts of your business and environment.

Brand Messaging

Framework Template

An effective way to describe your brand and define its value to customers.

Plutchik’s Emotion


A psychological tool used to identify the relationships between various emotions.

Brand Attribute List

200 Examples

Brand attributes are traits that resonate with consumers' personal characteristics and feelings.

Buyer Persona 


Detailed description of someone who represents your target audience, this template helps you build your buyer & user personas. 

Dimensions of Brand

Personality Framework

Consists of 5 brand personality dimensions: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. 

Public Resources


Unique Selling  Proposition Template

The unique benefit that makes your business or product better than the competition. 

Kevin Keller's

Brand Pyramid

Focuses on four areas – Identity, Meaning, Response, and Relations – in which brands can build positive experiences, increasing positive sentiment and goodwill towards the brand among customers and increasing brand equity.

Brand Archetype


The brand archetype framework is a tool that helps brands connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Combo Brand Archetype &  Brand Personalty Framework

See above for descriptions.

Free Resources

 Leveraging free marketing resources can prove instrumental in optimizing your email, SMS, and automation campaigns. Consider these invaluable tools.

Premium Resources

For those seeking more personalized guidance, I offer premium resources available for purchase, providing an extra layer of support to help empower your brand journey. 

A brand strategy is a plan that on how to create an image or brand message that resonates with customers, builds trust and loyalty, and drives brand recognition.

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