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Innovative Marketing Approach With Actionable Results

Let me help you solve your critical challenges with innovative marketing solutions that drive awareness, engagement, and conversions.  Explore three collaborative avenues for success.  Let's connect today.



Discovery Consultation

Experience a personalized Kickstart Discovery Consultation: a one-hour deep dive into your needs and aspirations. We'll explore key questions, address specific concerns, and engage in collaborative ideation. After our discussion, receive a concise one-page assessment with three tailored strategies, providing quick advice and actionable insights for your journey to success.


Brand Marketing Consulting

Elevate your brand with my Brand Marketing Consultation. I'll refine your strategy, pinpoint unique selling propositions, and develop compelling narratives. Whether launching or revitalizing, gain personalized insights and a strategic roadmap to build your brand leadership.


Outsourced Marketing Services

Discover the benefits of Outsourced Marketing Services—I seamlessly integrate with your team to lead, hire, strategize, and execute across marketing functions, offering a cost-effective solution to reclaim time and boost ROI.  From branding, digital, product management, communications, and more. Gain a fresh perspective for invigorated campaigns and tactics.

What Clients Say

Randy Shoemaker, CMO at Eastern Standard Provisions

Randy Shoemaker, CMO at Eastern Standard Provisions

“Lisa is an excellent brand marketer where she excels at developing brand strategy through to execution of the marketing plans. Lisa's ability to manage the complexity and challenges of product launches simultaneously makes her an invaluable leader.”
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